Based in Leicester Forest East, we are available to help with your computer and I.T. needs all over Leicestershire for individuals, families and businesses.

From a simple laptop repair or a custom PC build for your gaming needs, to a complete Network set up. We have over 20 years of experience supporting local businesses, families and individuals. Don't pay high street us first!

Laptop & PC Repair

Broken laptop screen?
We can supply and install a replacement screen!
Old PC running slow and needs and upgrade?
We can take care of that for you!
Same day pick up of your machine is available!
We'll even return it to you when we are done!

Or maybe your machine is just too old to upgrade and you need a replacement?
We can advise and supply the new machine for you! We'll even get you all set up in your home!

Virus & Ransomware Removal

If your laptop or PC is infected with a virus then all of the data that you enter into your computer is at risk from being stolen. There's also a strong possibility that you may lose everything on your machine.  If you are worried that it may be infected then let us give your machine the once over and clean it up for you! We attempt recovery of any lost files due to ransomware attacks and make sure that you feel 100% safe when browsing the internet and entering your personal data! Even if things seem to be running fine, it's important to get it checked every so often, just to make sure that there is nothing lurking in the background...

Data Recovery

Speaking of old PCs....
What about that old PC you've had sitting in the loft for years with all those old family photographs on?
Or maybe your old PC or laptop is just refusing to boot?
We can take that away and attempt to recover your old files for you. We can supply them via a download link, a CD/DVD or a USB stick - whatever suits you!

Custom Build PCs

You're a gamer and you know what you want, but you don't have the know how to build it!
Talk to us, we can supply all the parts are build it up for you!
We can also supply many off the shelf PCs and laptops at very competitive prices!

Wifi Setup & Upgrade

Slow wifi at home driving you mad?
Let us help! We can have a look at your existing set up and suggest ways of improving your Wifi around your home or business.
Whether that is new hardware, or just a reconfiguration of your current set up - we can get you up to speed!

Smart Devices and Speakers

Want to step into the modern age and get yourself set up with a smart home?
It can seem a little daunting, but we can take all of that stress away and set your home up with whatever facilities you require!
Or maybe your existing set up is giving you problems.
We'd be more than happy to take a look at that for you!
We also have extensive support setting up and diagnosing problems with smart speaker systems such as Sonos.

General I.T. Support for Businesses

We offer a "Pay As You Go" support system for local businesses. No need to pay a contract that you are tied to, when you may only need I.T. assistance every once in a while. We charge an extremely competitive hourly call out rate to help local businesses make the most out of their I.T. infrastructure. From general advice to full system set ups and upgrades, we are just a phone call or email away!
Call us now on 07810 185996, or if you prefer contact us via email or social media! We look forward to hearing from you!